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? ? ? ? ? ? ? Nanning roca, energy saving technology co., LTD., the predecessor was started in 1999, energy conversion, shaped hot research, after years of efforts, in 2011 officially registered roca energy saving technology co., LTD.

? ? ? ? ?Brand first, customers first. Continuously improve product performance, to surpass ourselves and to challenge the limit, one hundred percent efforts to provide customers with quality products. Built in product quality is enterprise's life, more pursues the good faith, pragmatic and efficient management, always adhere to the quality to build brands, enhance brand service.


? ? ? ? ? ? ?High efficiency and energy saving, "zero discharge" (no water/gas/solids) of green environmental protection, comfortable work environment.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Full automatic control, reduce labor and labor intensity, temperature and humidity in the small fluctuations in the process of drying, drying quality is stable and reliable.


? ? ? Suitable for all kinds of agricultural products, such as drying.

? ? ? ? ?With safety as the main line, strictly the quality pass.


? ? ? ? ?Long service life, low operating cost, good economy.

luokanuo have determination and confidence and ability to have energy to their products into a first-class brand in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection.

About LocarnoPeople-oriented, down to earth to do the brand


Located in Nanning Locarno energy-saving technology Co., Ltd. headquarters get UN Habitat Award to the city and Greentown China, said the Nanning city.

Nanning lucarno energy-saving technology Co., Ltd. was formerly in 1999 began for energy conversion, shaped hot research, after years of efforts, in 2011 officially registered lucarno energy-saving technology Co., Ltd.. Lugano is a high-tech private enterprises, the company and many domestic colleges and universities cooperation, manufacturing shaped equipment to form a professional R & D team, engaged in?...more


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